Chris McVeigh is an author, illustrator, photographer and Lego builder

currently living in Halifax, NS.

He got his start in photography in 2007, when a friend insisted that he purchase a digital SLR. Chris was a natural, applying the same principles to photography as he does to his design work.

He now excels at creating clever, quirky and often comical pictures that employ everything from Lego minifigures to backyard wildlife (and sometimes both). Chris’s photography has been featured all over the Internet, including work for Gizmodo, Esquire and Popular Science.

In addition to photography, Chris is a talented illustrator who has created artwork for several major advertising campaigns, including many of Microsoft’s online campaigns from 2006-2009. Chris is also an accomplished technical writer, who started his own digital magazine in the early days of the Internet. He has regularly contributed to Macworld.

In recent years, Chris’s attention has turned to Lego. He now spends much of his time designing models and developing building guides, which he offers freely (for personal use only) via this website.


Chris McVeigh’s Brick Sketch Self-Portrait

Contact Information:

Twitter: @ActionFigured





Custom Lego building kits can be purchased via my storefront. Cards, prints, posters and t-shirts can be purchased both through RedBubble and Society6. Additionally, select artwork and photos are available as mobile phone cases, pillows, tote bags and mugs at Society6.

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